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Kasım 01, 2021

However, you can also use Wallet Connect, Frame, Unstoppable Domains, or Tally. As with all crypto endeavors, there is also the cost of an opportunity to consider. While you can stake ETH on Binance, BlockFi, or even Ethereum Launchpad, Rocket Pool has numerous unique features that might convince you otherwise.

  • You would need to send the tokens to another individual’s crypto wallet and in return, they would transfer the agreed amount in fiat currency to your bank account.
  • The deposit requirement, however, is much smaller than for those that need to run their own node.
  • Platforms such as Rocket Pool, Lido, BlockFi, and even Binance or Coinbase are looking to offer an alternative.
  • This means that when you decide to unstake, you should receive a value higher than your initial investment.
  • Rocket Pool is a decentralized finance (DeFi) app providing opportunities to earn crypto rewards from staking on Ethereum 2.0.

Users can stake their ETH without needing to maintain a full node, which requires technical knowledge and 32 ETH. The project introduces three native tokens, with RPL playing a crucial role in the project’s operation. Through these tokens, Rocket Pool seeks to address the challenges faced by Ethereum and contribute to a more efficient and decentralized staking ecosystem. As of February 2023, future upgrades include the launch of The Rocketeers NFT, staking and node operator dashboard, Rocket Pool Tool, and RocketScan. The platform also expects more integrations of its services with partners’ products. In August 2021, the developers launched the Prater Testnet of the liquid staking protocol.

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However, as with any DeFi, which uses smart contract technology, there are aspects to consider. As of today’s classical pivot point (P1) at $30.57, Rocket Pool presents support levels that investors should monitor. These include the first support level at $30.02, followed by $29.16, with the strongest support identified at $28.61. These levels signify points where the price may encounter buying interest and potential upward bounces.

The resulting increase in on-chain activity could power up the demand for the RPL crypto, powering an uptrend in the Rocket Pool price. Increased interest in DeFi activities could also boost the RPL price statistics. In addition, traders who participate in arbitrage and swing trading anticipate profiting from price fluctuations in the RPL coin.

  • The aim of the Cryptocurrency community is to bring you important developments quickly and accurately.
  • While Rocket Pool has performed well, it lags behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, suggesting potential competition within the market.
  • The rETH token is used as a transactional token for staking and rewards accrual in the more affordable delegated staking format.
  • RPL is the native token of Rocket Pool, the decentralized Ethereum staking protocol.

However, if you are looking to trade RPL on any of the exchange platforms which support it, be prepared to run into both trading and withdrawal fees. Know that both of those fees tend to vary from one exchange to another. Rocket Pool’s current circulating supply is 19.92M RPL out of max supply of 19.11M RPL.

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Review the live price of Rocket Pool cryptocurrency, RPL market cap, circulating supply, 24-hour trading volume, and the latest crypto news before trading RPL in the market. Rocket Pool Network made ETH staking much more effortless and efficient. The platform offers many benefits like a chance to become a Rocket Pool node operator and the elimination of the need to run one’s own node.

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In case you want to make a deposit using third-party channels, you need to visit the third-party app and methods available for money transfer. Complete cryptocurrency market coverage with live coin prices, charts and crypto market cap featuring coins on 737 exchanges. The concept of liquid staking stands as one of the most compelling narratives in the cryptocurrency market. If you’re considering exploring this space, RPL presents a strong contender, ranking as the second-largest in the market, just behind LDO. It offers an excellent opportunity to diversify your exposure to liquid staking, especially if you’re already invested in other projects within this domain. These numbers are truly remarkable, especially considering that Liquid Staking is a relatively new industry.

How to stake ethereum (ETH) with Rocket Pool

In terms of market cap, Rocket Pool is ranked #29 in the Ethereum (ERC20) Tokens sector. Users wishing to stake ETH on Rocket Pool must deposit a minimum amount of RPL as collateral. The RPL deposit serves to offset any potential penalties they may incur in the future while staking ETH.

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The pool emphasizes transparency and security through open-source and audited smart contracts, ensuring fully non-custodial staking and maximal decentralization. The core functionality of Rocket Pool stems from Rocket Pool’s smart contracts and Rocket Pool users that have staked ETH to become a node operator. You may be wondering why people would stake their ETH on Rocket Pool; this is because, in return, they receive an APY. RPL is the ERC-20 native token of Rocket Pool and is mainly used to govern the Protocol DAO and staking.

What Is Rocket Pool: The First Decentralized Staking Protocol for Ethereum 2.0

In a nutshell, Rocket Pool provides liquidity, allows for rapid withdrawals of funds, and offers its infrastructure to facilitate staking of values as low as 0.01 ETH. The last part, especially, is great news for regular crypto users looking to stake Ethereum for profit or as a means of supporting the ecosystem. Besides these participants, Rocket Pool also endorses so-called Watchtower nodes. The role of this is to report back information to the Ethereum proof-of-work network. Rocket Pool is an Ethereum staking pool that focuses on lowering financial and hardware requirements for staking this cryptocurrency.